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Fresh 48

Enter the enchantment of your baby's earliest hours with Fresh 48 Newborn Photography Sessions. These fleeting moments, rich with anticipation, capture the essence of your newborn's arrival.

It's the simple details that resonate—counting tiny fingers, stroking downy hair, and cherishing every gaze exchanged. Held within 12-48 hours of birth, these sessions unfold in the comfort of your private hospital room.

I aim to authentically portray your growing family, using natural light and candid moments to tell your story with grace. From tender embraces to milestone memories, each image preserves the delicate beauty of your newborn. Throughout, I ensure a relaxed atmosphere, engaging with you both to create lasting memories.

As the whirlwind of post-birth days fades, Fresh 48 Newborn Photo Sessions become treasured keepsakes, preserving the sweetness of those early moments indefinitely.

Fresh 48 Package at St Mary’s Amsterdam - $249

Capture and preserve the 1st precious moments of your newborn’s life!


1/2 hour Lifestyle newborn session in your private hospital room


20 professionally edited images


Slideshow with music to cherish the memories

Additional Options

travel to other hospitals for an extra $100.

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